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The Best NicotineProducts to Quit Smoking

If you have decided to quit smoking today, you are a wise and lucky person who cares for his family. From short to long term benefits of quitting smoking, there might be some health conditions you will have to face presently but would diminish with time according to your will power and motivation. A complete cessation of nicotine would show symptoms such as anxiety, cravings, irritability, increased appetite, and weight gain.
From a plethora of ways to overcome these symptoms, chewing on Nicotine gum has proven effective for individuals who want to quit smoking. It provides you with the nicotine you need in your bloodstream while preventing the otherwise hazardous effect of tar and tobacco in cigarettes. Before introducing you to the best cigarette cessation products, let us have a small intro to nicotine gum and how it helps you combat smoking.

What is Nicotine Gum?

Nicotine gum is an oral dose that delivers nicotine to the body by chewing a gum type that contains nicotine. It is used to help people in the process of smoking cessation through nicotine replacement therapy. The nicotine is absorbed by the mouth cells and tissues, delivering it to the bloodstream. This procedure becomes a beneficial replacement for those who smoke or use other tobacco products.
Nicotine gum is scientifically tested for its effectiveness for quitting smoking like leaving any other unhealthy habit. Experts advise using nicotine gum in combination with nicotine replacement therapy. It aids in targeting the psychological factors that may cause you to smoke back. However, various treatments work differently depending on the basic reason for the person to smoke.

nicotine gum

Reducing significant symptoms associated with smoking withdrawal, like headaches, cravings, etc.

Considering the recommended dose, you can work on controlling your cravings.

It becomes efficient for the body to absorb nicotine through the gum.

Nicotine gums are available in different strengths, depending on how many cigarettes a day you were used to.

Nicotine and its products are a form of medicinal nicotine intended to decrease people’s dependency on cigarettes gradually. These products prove to be very successful as it contains the nicotine needed by the body while excluding the other dangerous chemicals found in various tobacco products. There are numerous product types, including nicotine gum, patches, inhalers, sprays, and lozenges.
While you get the nicotine from these products that are still addictive, but you are safe from tar and tobacco in cigarettes that may cause hazardous effects. Nicotine products are only used to cease the symptoms that come along when quitting cigarettes and should gradually be tapered off. Most of the gums are sugar-free, making them a healthy option.
You can obtain nicotine gums and patches from any pharmacy store, and you don’t need a prescription for it. But always remember that overdosage can affect your health as it is still used as a medicine.

Quitting Smoking

with Nicotine Products

quitting smoking

The Top Most Nicotine Products Available

1. Nicorette 4mg Nicotine Gum to Quit Smoking - White Ice Mint Flavored Stop Smoking Aid, 160 Count (Pack of 2)

Get controlled of your nicotine intake by using this refreshing Nicorette Nicotine Gum for quitting smoking. It will help you combat cigarette withdrawal symptoms by providing you slow doses of nicotine as you chew the gum. This energizing White Ice Mint Flavor is double-coated and aids you in beating one craving at a time. This is an over the counter product and would be beneficial if you are used to smoking a cigarette 30 mins immediately after waking up in the morning. Chewing one piece of 4mg nicotine gum every one to hours for the first six weeks and gradually decreasing it till 12 weeks will help you out with smoking cravings. If you still have a strong or frequent craving, a second gum can be chewed within an hour. Lets us look into some of its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Not suitable for pregnant women.
  • Not for under 18.
  • They are wrapped individually, like medicines.


  • Provides excessive relief from even the intense cravings.
  • Great refreshing ice mint flavor with double coated technology.
  • It helps in relieving many of the symptoms associated with smoking cessation.
  • Relieves morning cravings.
  • You can have more within an hour if you feel more cravings.
  • Reasonable price.

2. Nicotine Patches, Anti-Smoke Patch, Smoking Cessation Products to Quit Smoking Aid Patches Nicotine Treatment, 20 Patches

These are nicotine patches used for the treatment of cigarette addiction. By using these patches, people can get rid of smoking in the shortest possible time. Other than nicotine treatment, it can also be used to reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke and eventually lead to cessation. It also helps people who are willing to quit smoking by providing them with a nicotine dose and reducing withdrawal symptoms. It can be effectively used in public places where smoking is not allowed, and these patches will help you get your nicotine amount. These patches can be attached to any part of the body, such as legs, arms, chest, etc. A single patch is recommended every day.


  • This product will only aid you to stop smoking but will not make you stop smoking cigarettes.
  • They may cause irritation or tinge sensation at the start of the application, diminishing after some time.


  • It is a great means to quit smoking
  • Used to reduce the inhalation of cigarettes per day.
  • They can be used to replace smoking.
  • Relieves morning cravings.
  • These patches help you stay tobacco-free for months!
  • They stay on quite well for the whole day.
anti smoke patch

3. Nicorette 2mg Nicotine Gum to Quit Smoking - Fruit Chill Flavored Stop Smoking Aid, 160 Count

This nicotine gum comes in 160 pieces of 2mg nicotine gum that aids you in soothing cigarette cravings and symptoms associated with smoking withdrawal. It is dual-coated and has a pleasant fruit chill flavor. It can be used with a gap of less than an hour if you still have intense cravings. These nicotine gums can be used for the first six weeks with minimum 9 gums and gradually decrease in the 12-week program. You can use them if you have a craving for a cigarette within half an hour after waking up. Take charge of your quitting with Nicorette Fruit Chill Nicotine Gum. If, for any cause, you are not contented with GSK Consumer Healthcare product, their healthcare will provide you with a refund within 45 days of the date of purchase.


  • Has much sweet flavor.
  • Not suitable for pregnant women.
  • Under 18 should have their doctor’s permission.


  • Pleasant fruit chill flavor.
  • Helps aid in smoking withdrawal symptoms.
  • Is highly affordable.
  • You can use 9 gums in the first six weeks.
  • You can use 9 gums in the first six weeks.
nicotine gum to quit smoking

4. Nicorette Nicotine Gum Fruit Chill 4 Milligram Stop Smoking Aid 100 Count

These nicotine gums are 4mg and contain 100 gums per pack. They help to cease smoking withdrawal symptoms by providing enough nicotine dose in the bloodstream by chewing the gum. These are double coated with a bold fruit chill flavor. It is an over the counter product used for nicotine replacement therapy. You should chew the second piece of this smoking gum within an hour if you have heavy or frequent cravings. During the first 6 weeks, use at least nine coated nicotine gum a day and complete a 12-week withdrawal program with behavioral support to maximize the probability of success.


  • Some find it too sweet.
  • Not suitable for pregnant women


  • Highly affordable.
  • Works like any other expensive smoking cessation product.
  • It helps in reducing the body’s nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
  • Contains a long-lasting fruity flavor.
  • Since it is 4mg, suitable for those who use 20 cigarettes in a single day.
  • They stay on quite well for the whole day.
  • Dual-technology coating.
  • Money-back guarantee
4 mg nicotine gum

5. Habitrol Nicotine Lozenge 1mg Mint Flavor. 2 Packs of 216 Lozenges (Total 432)

Habitrol Lozenge offers valuable treatment for healing the unpleasant effects of withdrawal caused by smoking. Habitrol Lozenges are a well-established form of Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Habitrol Lozenges helps in relieving nicotine withdrawal by alleviating the adverse effects. Symptoms such as headaches, sweat, frustration, fear, and mood swings are also possible with smoking cessation. Sometimes they are an option to escape cigarettes. Small concentrations of nicotine are released as you suck on a Habitrol lozenge and are consumed by the mouth. This helps the smoker to fulfill their body's craving in a controlled manner. These nicotines are meant to help you make a habit of smoking without tobacco, bad tars, toxins, and other chemicals. Habitrol Lozenges will help you avoid smoking, to relieve cravings, and help you cope with withdrawal effects. These are low in dose and help people who actually need to reduce their quantity of cigarettes per day. Moreover, they have a fantastic mint taste and present in sugar-free options.


  • Some do not like the mint flavor.
  • It works as a temporary nicotine replacement.


  • Very light strength of just 1mg nicotine per gum
  • It is the lowest priced nicotine gum.
  • Works with psychological aspects of cravings and helps with quitting
  • Refreshing and long-lasting mint flavor.
  • Sugar-free.
habitrol nicotine lozenge
Nicorette 4mg Nicotine Gum to Quit Smoking - White Ice Mint Flavored Stop Smoking Aid, 160 Count (Pack of 2
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Nicotine Patches, Anti-Smoke Patch, Smoking Cessation Products to Quit Smoking Aid Patches Nicotine Treatment, 20 Patches
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Nicorette Nicotine Gum Fruit Chill 4 Milligram Stop Smoking Aid 100 Count
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Habitrol Nicotine Lozenge 1mg Mint Flavor. 2 Packs of 216 Lozenges (Total 432)
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